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Deja vu indeed.

Royal started well and won the primary within the Socialist Party (PS) convincingly. [...]

Another reason why it will be hard is that Sarko has the MSM with him. Not loudly, not Fox-News-style, but discreetly, in the choice of what memes to play and which to mute: how to create perceptions and fuel their growth. For some time the big news was all about Ségolène making silly mistakes. [...]

What's worrying is how easily he's getting away with it. [...]

It's as if the Royal campaign and the PS were simply unprepared for what was coming, even though it was very predictable.

Sounds a lot like Bush's rise against Gore in 2000 (or Dukakis & Kerry). The  conservatives, or more precisely, "the big, globalised, financial capitalism", has apparently found a method to push important elections in their way. Yeah, they need to be more subtle in countries like France than they were in America. But they know perfectly well what they need to do, how to play, what to await avidly from the opponents.

The progressives need to invent new tactics in these assymetric battles. They need to learn how to deal with subtly adverse media and surrogate mob attacks. They need to manage public perceptions much better. They need to have influence on political rules, not just follow them. Hell, if Roayl cannot win the "nice candidate" crown, there are many much more important nominations. It is a big disadvantage that progressives cannot fully rely on their instincts and habbits, since these are routinely exploited by right wing machines.  It will take some boldness to make a few sensible steps without fully knowing the effect. But usual tactics is nowaydays a way to Kerry-lite defeats. I would have confidence in pure rational judgements in this situation.

by das monde on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 08:31:09 PM EST
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