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As usual the "resistance" takes form of huge rallies and strikes. Sarko embodies already the "nasty liberal" for the left.

That's what I am most afraid of. Because on the other hand it would split the French society even more. In my opinion there are plenty of reforms to be done in many sectors that have to do with the "public service", reforms that have been done in other countries with a more or less broad consensus. In France this would lead to violence and an impossibility to reform if done by Sarkozy.

The CPE fight is a very good example. The CPE wasn't very different from the contact that a a Swedish teacher signs the first year (imagine the horror in France) with the exception that he/she has the right to a "motive" for the firing. But in 90% of the cases, if the person is fired in Sweden (except for cases of economical bankrupcy, delocalisation etc...), the employer and the union agrees that there is a god reason (which is mostly that the person isn't doing its job). This is often rewritten as "incompatibility" which means that the person can keep unemployment fees.

Another example: in France "la sécu" (the overall health insurance) is tremendously inefficient due to bureaucracy and red tape. It costs the tax payers at least the double than it costs (compared percentage of BNP) in Sweden for a lesser coverage (causing the French to buy more and more expensive private insurances). Even with the "carte vitale", it's still very bureaucratic. Sarkozy could never solve such a problem because he hasn't the guts to attack the bureaucracy. The "solutions" will be taking more money from the patient's insurance by cutting reimbursements and increasing fees. Thus conflict. And the billions in deficit will remain.

The problem is that Ségo will do nothing to those problems either but will pass measures that we really can't afford. Both candidates are all hat and no cattle. And Sego is no more "European" than Sarko. So far her "europeanism" has been nothing but vague incantations that Europe must "get better".

who doesn't want that ?

by oldfrog on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 10:27:01 PM EST
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