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IMHO, hippie movement and political activism in Europe in the sixties and seventies plus travelling to the East and South (and not exactly as a tourist) gave a sort of immunity to consumerism to some of the people who grow at that time.

I actually have chosen to be poorer in the sense that I could have a job at some company and make more money instead of being a freelancer and my own boss.

Like kcurie, I do not own a car. Here public transportation is good enough, even if you live, like me, 40 km from the city. This evening I was in Barcelona and it was raining and after 8.30 there are less trains running and I had to wait like 40 minutes for the train and for a moment I thought whether I should buy a car. But as soon as the train started to move and I picked up my reading of Amin Maalouf "Origines" (Prix Mediterranée 2004), the idea of wanting a car suddenly seemed so ridiculous...

So I think I prefer to be richer in time and poorer in money or things...

by amanda2006 on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 07:38:24 PM EST
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