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I think you sum up a good part of my feelings and questions. This is certainly an impressive harnessing of the grass/net-roots. But the MSM still count for a huge heap.

However, they can be challenged. This isn't the States 3-4 years ago. Royal has attacked the big media for belonging to big money and being against her (correct). François Bayrou makes a lot of noise fighting TF1, which he's quite right to do. It's being more widely said that the owners of the publishing, press, and TV world in France are all close buddies of Sarkozy -- who also owns a piece of the State's hold on public broadcasting.

I believe it's possible to force the media on to the back foot. The main thing is to introduce some doubt into as many minds as possible as to what the pundits are telling them is the truth. I also believe Royal is working with themes that are genuinely closer to people's concerns. "Progress" and "respect" are immensely well-chosen words. OK, slogans matter for less than twenty-five years ago, but big words still make their way...

On the French political blogos, I don't know enough about it yet. I spend all my time on this funny Scoop blog called ET... ;)

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