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Were all of Hitlers' followers necessarily pathological to start with?  With Nazi Germany it was a leader like Hitler who managed to persuade people that his beliefs/prejudices were to be bought into and that his orders regarding these groups that he had a hatred of were to be followed.  So the negative images and the hatred of Jews and other groups was continually reinforced.  But it all started somewhere, whether it was a natural escalation or not. Earlier on Jews were often the target of name calling, cariactures and stereotypes and these were reinforced as 'fact' thus making it justifiable to dislike and discriminate against jews.

Worth bearing mind that the path towards extermination doesn't have to begin at antilocution and can start at any stage above that.

It sounds simplistic but antilocution sets the scene and the culture and then continually reinforces the messages that come out of it eg an office environment where women are not treated as equals or with respect. That then builds up into the exclusion and marginalisation of women within that workplace and can in cases go further into indecent assaults and so on. Just as an example, it could be applied to any other group where things just escalate and go too far because nobody has stepped in to stop it sooner or individuals don't have the confidence to challenge the behaviours that upset them.

I agree that a certain amount of banter is healthy but it depends if and how somebody is being targetted by that banter and the impact it has on that individual. Where the environment is such that if someone complains about being offended by a joke, they are automatically dismissed with "it's only a bit of fun, don't be so sensitive", then it is allowing exclusion and reinforces the message that it is ok to target and discriminate against people.

Perhaps in a more academic sense there are flaws with making the comparison between the holocaust and people being nasty to each other in the office, but in the training environment, it worked extremely well.

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