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What does it look like?

Take the Faculty of Chemical Sciences at Complutense University in Madrid, for instance...

The Dean is a man.
3 of 5 vice-deans are women.
1 of 2 secretaries is a woman.
The head of administration ia a man, then there are four women under him running the sections.
As for the departments:
15 of 27 professors of Biochemistry are women
6 of 14 professors in materials science are women
In chemical engineering: 2 of 11 "chairs", 7 of 12 tenured professors, 5 of 9 professors under contract, one assistant professor, 2 of 5 associates, 0 of 3 assidtants, and 1 of 2 hired researchers are women
3 of 8 professors of applied mathematics are women
In analytical chemistry: 2 of 4 "chairs", 12 of 19 tenured professors, 4 of 6 hired professors, 0 of 1 associate professor, 1 of 3 Assistants, and 1 of 2 research fellows are women
14 out of 42 professors in Physical Chemistry and 3 out of 8 postdocs are women
In inorganic chemistry: 2/7 chairs, 12/18 tenured professors, 2 of 4 hired professors, and 5/7 associate professors are women
In organic chemistry: 1/10 chairs (4/5 of a lower tier), 7/15 tenured professors (3/3 of a lower tier),  7/10 hired professors, 1/1 associate, and 1/1 assistant are women

As for the student body, it's been over 50% female for years.

"It's the statue, man, The Statue."

by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Sun Feb 11th, 2007 at 10:46:18 AM EST
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