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At any rate it would fit with my theory that the planet should become more matriarchal in order to survive.

A friend of mine recently proposed the same theory.

"There's too much of this," he said, shoving out his arm, fist clenched.

He also proposed re-introducing a goddess.  Coming from Egypt, he suggested Isis.


Turns out there's a fellowship of Isis.  Here's an interview with the almost-ninety-year-old co-founder.  To me, she sounds like a female Tony Benn.

A quote from the video:

Interviewer: If you could say one thing to everybody whose watching this, what would you say?

Olivia Robertson: One thing?  I'd say sharing.  We're all "I", and you don't want to self-sacrifice, give yourself up.  You are individual, you matter, but for goodness sake look out.  All you can see is the tip of your own nose.  I can't see my back, I can only see my feet, but I can look at you.  That's the secret really.  Look out--then you can see yourself.  Your real self.

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.
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