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When did your visits to Hungary start?

In my memory, the homeless and beggars appeared in 1989, nicely synchronised with the introduction of capitalism. (Not that the 'communists' were that much really social, but they felt the propagandistic need to not have visible poverty in the so-called Real Existing Socialism.) The situation didn't improve since, it's more like it became everyday and routine. The city 'adapted' to it, for example, the underpasses for the metro entrances are open for the homeless as sleeping-places during subzero outside temperatures.

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In the early to mid-80s, but I was too young to remember much from that time, so most of my memories are from the 90s. I recall having the sense that "it didn't use to be like this," but I don't remember if I based that on actual memories of things being different or on statements from my parents...

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