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personally have never paid gratitude money so it's not quasi-compulsory as they claim; on the other hand, people will aways try to get special treatment and get jumped ahead in the waiting line with some black money);

In Poland it's a lottery for procedures that are neither simple basic care nor absolutely urgent, though even with the latter you might get unlucky (most doctors won't blackmail you when your life is at stake, but a few will, and there intermittent shortages of medicines and equipment in the state sector which are always available in the private one). If, say, you've injured your knee and can't work, you might get lucky and get surgery relatively fast. Or, more often, you'll be told there's no availability for, say, a year. However, you might want to try that private clinic, I hear it's really good. There they'll examine you (for a hefty fee) and either do the surgery themselves or refer you back to the state hospital where the same surgeon who said there's no availability for a year will take you outside his or her normal working hours. Doctor's salaries are crap - on an hourly basis far below the median, so they work ridiculous hours, shaving off from their state sector jobs for private work. Plus you're getting shortages in some areas as doctors and nurses move to the west - shorter hours, far more money.

by MarekNYC on Fri Mar 16th, 2007 at 02:47:25 PM EST
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