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So here is what the media reports here.

Early today, police finally caught the 'hero' of the far-right rioters, György Budaházy (a guy who already tried an idiot's revolution five years ago, took part in last autumn's first riots, then fled into the woods from police, who since didn't want to risk spontaneous new riots by catching him).

At the 15 March commemoration of the capital, the (liberal) mayor of Budapest was pelted with eggs. Later the Fidesz mayor of the inner-city district (where the incident happened) unambiguously denounced the egg-pelting -- this is something new.

Indeed I stumbled into a Fidesz rally, in fact it appears to have been one of the biggest yet with 200,000 people. On it, Fidesz leader Orbán (below in front of an oversized cockade) made politics not commemoration. He chose a wording to give something both to his more peaceful and his revolution-minded followers: he said that it's now up to the people in the referendum Fidesz wants, and after the referendum, if the government doesn't abide by it, the people "can hunt them away".

Meanwhile, the youth wing of the Socialists organised a press conference before the "House of Terror" -- a museum in the house that was successively the seat of the Arrowcrossers and the Stalinist communist secret police, but which focuses mainly on the latter era, as it was opened as part of Fidesz's 2002 election campaign --, where they wanted to hand over an 'Árpád-stripes' flag (see at bottom right above: the red-white-red-white... one) to the museum.

In the afternoon, starting from the rally (an impression above) of small far-right party MIÉP (which broke with Fidesz) at Heroes' Square, which is some 2 km away from where the Fidesz protest was, the rioters (about a thousand -- less than last autumn) began action.

The squirmishes spread inward along a boulevard that was modelled on the Champs Elisées, and reached the stage of arson (of public banks and rubbish bins) near its inner end, at the Opera.

The fires were now quickly estinguished by the water cannons -- almost routine...

A new weapon: sling-shots, shooting screws at police. But police was apparently effective in containing and then dispersing them twenty minutes ago, and currently there is no report of assembled people.

One policeman's skin ripped on the head when a stone hit him, one protester was hit by a tear gas grenade on the head, and three protesters are treated for too much tear gas. Some rioters kicked a freelance photographer until apparent gangleaders stopped them. Firefighters were also pelted with stones.

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