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hey now, not every American is brain dead. :-) just alot of them.

I agree, France has been, and continues to be a good ally for the US. we should have listened ( ie as a country) to France rather than colin powell, obviously we would be better off. also its clear from my trips to geneva and into southern France that france is FAR ahead of Germany when it comes to many industries, esp hi tech, and bio tech. also its about 1000 times easier to do business down in southern france than germany. i am not trying to knock germany, but due to the culture there it is very hard to do anything innovative or involving risk due to the risk averse attitude of the germans.

there are alot of issues here. but europe is not dead yet. somewhat more free enterprise might be good, but tempering this with an understanding of the needs of society as a whole can only serve to benefit everyone.

merci Jerome, je pense, il y a tres bonne en France mantinant, excusez-moi, mon frances n`est pas tres bon, j` essaye....

Life is not a dress rehearsal

by johnfire (johnfire@christopherrehm.com) on Fri Mar 16th, 2007 at 04:46:21 PM EST
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