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On the other hand, although the left typically advocates benefits of cooperation, long-term planning and concentrated effort, they did not demonstrated much unity and urgency to apply these strategies politically. Especially in the US, their behaviour is very reflexive, narrow-focused and hardly cooperative.

The neo-liberal and neo-conservative movements are indeed good examples of what long-term planning and concentrated effort can do. If cooperation and long-term planning happens to be an advantage of evolutionary importance... it makes sense to fool others not to cooperate or plan long. The main difference between haves and have-nots of this world I see the following: The haves cooperate actually a lot, by providing each other plenty services (financial, legal, informative, recreational, etc), while have-nots know nothing but to compete with each other, each "cooperating" only with one rich employer, so to speak.

by das monde on Mon Mar 19th, 2007 at 01:06:21 AM EST
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