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During his entire career as PM, Swedish former PM Göran Persson (1996-2007) was regularly interviewed by the journalist Eric Fichtelius, who has made it all into a 4 hour documentary. Persson is extremely frank as the show was promised to be aired only after his retirement as PM.

The first part of four was aired tonight and I just watched it. The funniest thing from a European presepective is what he says about the day when the EMU treaty was signed.

Everyone was worried as Kohl, Chirac, Blair and Duisenberg where gone. So everyone figured they were up to something. Suddenly, Kohl storms in looking totally crushed and pissed off. He is black around the eyes and sits down with Persson and some more people, starting to moan about being tricked by Chirac and Blair, and that he gave them too much, and that his entire next election is spoilt. His translator sobs while she translates.

Suddenly Kohl orders in a saucer. He takes at least ten of those tiny enclosed butter boxes and empty all of them on the saucer. And then he eats all the butter, extremely fast. And then he orders in another saucer of butter. While he eats it he relaxes and seems to resign himself with his fate.

I am looking forward to the bext episode where they'll cover Perssons visit to North Korea! :D

Other interesting if more domestic things: calls former rightwing PM and current foreign minister "such a fucking idiot" and says that new socialist chairman Mona Sahlin's "greatest strength is not thinking". Also covered how he repeatadly pisses off his minister of social affairs and later EU commisioner, Margot Wallström.

Peak oil is not an energy crisis. It is a liquid fuel crisis.

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