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Let's check this against high-speed lines and line projects I am aware of.

Already with high-speed line connection:

  1. Rhine-Ruhr 11.8M
  2. Paris 11.6M
  3. Madrid 6.10 M
  4. Frankfurt-Rhein-Main 5.29M
  5. Berlin 4.94M
  6. Rome 3.78M
  7. Saxon Triangle 3.50M (Well, kind of... as yet a 40-km stretch)
  8. Naples 3.06M
  9. Stuttgart 2.70M
  10. Rhine-Neckar 2.50M
  11. ALMa 2.45M

On a (more or less firmly) planned or constructed line:
  1. Moscow 14.6M (long-considered but less certain plan)
  2. London 12.6M (CTRL-II opens 14 November this year)
  3. Istanbul 10.0M (well, kind of... upgraded line envisaged for 250 km/h)
  4. Randstad 6.62 M (same as above)
  5. Barcelona 4.85M
  6. St. Petersburg 4.83M (long-considered but less certain plan)
  7. Milan 4.32M
  8. Hamburg 4.30M
  9. Lisbon 2.76M
  10. Munich 2.45M

That's two-thirds. For almost all of the rest, there are either project proposals without serious political backing, or HST service via medium-speed lines.

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