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The initial set of eligible cities was restricted to metro area populations of 1 million or more.
For Europe, the list is quite large... up to 81 metropolitan areas of more than 1M people are listed in the wikipedia. Here are the 29 that have at least 2M
Moscow 14.6M
London 12.6M
Rhine-Ruhr 11.8M
Paris 11.6M
Istanbul 10.0M
Randstad 6.62 M
Madrid 6.10 M
Frankfurt-Rhein-Main 5.29M
Berlin 4.94M
Barcelona 4.85M
St. Petersburg 4.83M
Milan 4.32M
Hamburg 4.30M
Athens 3.80M
Rome 3.78M
Saxon Triangle 3.50M
Katowice 3.45M
Birmingham 3.25M
Naples 3.06M
Warsaw 3.05M
Kiev 3.00M
Lisbon 2.76M
Stuttgart 2.70M
Manchester 2.51M
Rhine-Neckar 2.50M
Budapest 2.45M
Munich 2.45M
ALMa 2.45M
Bucharest 2.14M

"It's the statue, man, The Statue."
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