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My focus above is on branch/main line junctions, rather than main/main line junctions

The switches used being high-speed switches, what I posted applies equally for 'branch/main' and 'main/main'. What may have been confusing is that I just didn't draw up the other end where the branch reaches the conventional line, which can be built as a mirror image of the high-speed junction, or simpler, depending on line speed and frequency (and number of tracks). The lots of Italian interconnections mentioned (& photo-documented -- the one shown is the Interconnessione Cassino, at the foot of famed WWII flashpoint Monte Cassino) are such.

For single-track access (which I'd generally advise against -- keept it double-track at least on the acceleration length, or until it connects to the conventional line), yours is fine, except if you fly over only from one side and connect on the other side, the through tracks can remain straight.

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by DoDo on Mon Mar 26th, 2007 at 12:00:04 PM EST
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OK, its the same number of switches, the central access is more space conserving, the two separate flyovers more flexible. Looks like a footprint / cost / frequency tradeoff to me.

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