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Yes there's capital gain but there are many ways to lower them. For example, I pay 11% capital gain tax for most of my equity gains by using a "Plan d'Epargne d'Entreprise" (where I buy my company new shares at a preferential price and get the low tax if I keep them five years, and the income tax itself is zero plus 11% of "social contribution"). You have also "Assurance Vie" (low tax after 8 years). You have also new retirement plans (PERP and PERCO). You have also "prevelement libératoire", on fixed income (which includes some "properly" structured equity derivatives but I diverge), tax is capped at 27%. You have also exemption and negative tax (yes negative) for investing in "innovative" companies. You have also no tax when you sell less than 20 000 euros per year. You have also when you buy your own company shares with debt (one of the French richest man pay no taxes at all).

And that's just what I know about and I haven't looked actively.

by Laurent GUERBY on Sat Mar 31st, 2007 at 04:26:16 AM EST
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