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thank you for doing this.  So the US and France are different, but bottom line, maybe not so different on capital taxes.  The 27% would compare to 25% in the US, for many large states such as California and New York--US lower in some states, like Nevada with no state income tax.

both have some protected account features, the ones you have mentioned before plus the benefits for smaller sales annually.  US has ira's and 401k's that have their biggest benefits (% wise) in the middle class and below--as long as people choose to use them.

I'm under the impression that fewer in France invest in stocks, however.  In the US it's well over 50% now.  I'm kind of assuming that French pensions are better than US social security, and therefore the French have less reason to invest.  Is this your impression as well--on both points?

by wchurchill on Sat Mar 31st, 2007 at 04:09:19 PM EST
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