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It's talked about quite a bit in the US.  I just googled and here is the first hit, which happens to be from business week in2005 and quotes 50%.  Recently I've heard the number of well over 50%--which probably meant 51%--if it was 55 they would have said 55%.

I guess in American lingo though, we probably would count that Assurance Vie holding as stock ownership--that is if it's like our ira's and 401k's.  In these accounts you have a choice as to how much money to put in, (though there is a maximum), and you have choices as to how to invest the money.  Choices may range from almost all choices (for example I own 10 stocks in individual companies and three mutual funds in an IRA), to some company plans where you could be limited to choosing between 5--10 mutual funds.  So if Assurance Vie is like that, we would call that direct ownership.

by wchurchill on Sat Mar 31st, 2007 at 07:24:06 PM EST
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