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from Royal:
will go back on the tax ceiling (60% of income) if elected
 Thanks afew.  great summary.  If I'm understanding correctly, this means the highest marginal tax rate would rise to 60%?  Do you have any idea at what income level this would take place?

I would say this would be very negative (depending on what income level it takes place) on growth in the economy.  we've had discussion on the website over the past about the Laffer curve, and how in general most of us don't believe their is much of a curve unless you get at very high levels of taxation.  I think 60% will qualify as high levels of taxation, and raising rates to that level will have a negative effect on economic growth.

can people just move to a lower tax environment in another part of Europe?  or is that legally difficult to do?

by wchurchill on Fri Mar 30th, 2007 at 01:34:44 PM EST

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