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Indeed, humans have innate tendency for belief. Yet, having a universal model does make evolutionary sense. Firstly, even wrong models can give adequate answers in important situations. Secondly, a belief like in God offers a psichological safe harbour. Humanoids without ability to believe had little surviving chances, we must assume.

Humans indeed seek narratives (language ability pushed our evolution) and "alpha" leadership (we are primates). That is why purely logical argumentation has little appeal for most people. That does not mean that progressives should avoid rational argumentation in politics. It rather means, we should master story telling and charismatic leadership as well, or just go for spotlight roles more often.

In particular, the current unassailable status of free markets and power policies became creeping normalcy, under light but persistent pressure of business interests, with no adequate opposition.

by das monde on Wed Mar 7th, 2007 at 07:44:24 PM EST

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