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actually much of spiritual thought, particularly Buddhist and Taoist, agrees completely with this.
the only thing is that "belief" is not the proper word.. is actually a mixture of narrative explanation requirement (addressed also in the article) and social awareness. In this world (ours), reality does not matter, actually reality is not what we think that reality is. Reality is just a byproduct of the mythology we learnt when we were kids without being aware of the fact. And this is associated with a certain way to look at the world around us   also linked wiht our mythological framework. But belief systems and narratives and false-belief frames are universal. The particulars are different..and in these differences we show how to think about the human world (society) and about reality.
Some would say this insight is one of the first steps to enlightenment.
by wchurchill on Wed Mar 7th, 2007 at 03:26:37 PM EST

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