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Being that humans are biological beings, to start with, i don't see the problem with trying to trace certain traits  to their biological roots.
As for meme theory, the jury is still out on its validity on explaining cultural phenomena, and i agree other avenues may prove more fruitful.

Having said that, i do believe that most cultural human diversity we witness is a fruit of it's environment. (Here im using a broad definition of environment, including history and other cultures).

"Need to believe" or the "need to construct compelling narratives" are, for me, one and the same thing. Both are attempts at a coherent and functional representation of reality.

As a side note i think there is a lot of prejudice regarding Darwinism. Darwinism is a description not a prescription. "Social Darwinism" and other similar ideas gave it a bad name, but anyone familiar with the naturalistic fallacy should be able to see through the misconstructions.

Finally, i must add that i don't feel qualified to extend this debate much further as i got my understanding of these matters mostly from my Biology course and books of popular science. I admit sometimes i'm lost when you go deeper into anthropology 's terminology. :)

by Torres on Thu Mar 8th, 2007 at 09:57:54 AM EST
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