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Yes sir. And did it cover the whole world?

It did cover half of it. So, by "external policies in world affairs", did you meant only global policies? Why the restriction -- do you want to fight the accusation that all the world's confglicts in the last 217 years were the fault of the USA, which is not how I read the diary; or do you want to prove that most of the time the USA was a lesser meddler in foreign affairs than the Eurasian imperial powers?

the USA said no more shit in our back yard.

In essence, the USA said that now only they can shit in their own backyard. Latin America suffered several interventions in its wake even before the Spanish-American War.

some still blame the French for underdevelopment in Haiti

With reason, given that Haiti had to pay compensation to France for its independence and end of slavery -- they were forced to do so after warships of the USA imposed a trade blockade on the island. But they can also balem US occupiers, just during the Banana Wars, who presided over the de-facto reintroduction of slave labor ("corvée labor").

And that worked out so well? The rise of Fascism and Communism.

Are you seriously blaming the rise of totalitarianism on US isolationism? Given that the latter grew out from WWI and the the foul peace afterwards, during which Wilson sided with one set of European imperialists and then failed to stop them from imposing a victors' peace (not to mention the ethnic-hate consequences of what was applied of the Wilson Doctrine), I'm not as certain as you that the USA could have acted successfully as a global policeman, even if its leaders wanted that. Also, do you know that before WWII broke out, there were plenty of Hitler symphatisants in the US, including in the elite?

When was the longest period of European non armed conflicts?

For the Western part, the EU and its predecessors. The longest before, the pre-WWI Belle Epoque. For all of Europe, I'm not sure there was ever a multi-decade one. Why do you ask?

And are you willing to compare some "Banana Wars" with the genocides in Africa?

Why restrict comparisons to those? But yes, I am willing, especially if we talk about the broader hundred-year Banana Wars, including genocidal slaughter in Guatemala and elsewhere. Colonial interests were involved in both.

Please defend this: Hungarian Revolution

What should I defend about it? As someone who wrote seven long diaries on the subject here on ET, I am particularly curious how exactly you think it is doubly relevant here.

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