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Greed can be defined pretty mechanically, as seeking to maximalize some satisfaction or utilization. It is kind of compulsive algorithm.

A more tricky concept is "selfishness". To love yourself truely, you have to take care of long term perspectives as well. That implies planning, preferences, intention.

My definition of Gaia is a cybernetic system whose core functionality is preservation of livable conditions on Earth in the long term. The main characteristic of a cybernetic system is the perception-reaction cycle. It must be fascinating to pin down what things Gaia can perceive, and how can it respond. Above that, comes learning capacity, which means that things repeat themselves not so much because of causual forcings, but that there is a controlling code somewhere. How far fetched is that? There is something about holistic thinking...

[By the way, I'll be largely away next two weeks.]

by das monde on Thu Apr 12th, 2007 at 09:49:41 PM EST
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