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The 1790's... Japan was in more or less the middle of two centuries of "peace and prosperity", for example. How that era was exactly ended? But anyway, I do not imply that Japan had to be left isolated for all the time. But there is something symbolic with the particular way.
Interesting, are you saying that we "taught" them to be a violent nation.

It is interesting about what ifs. I recently watched 2009 (Korean Sci-fi).

I do not claim that the US were setting violence standards right from 1790's. But it is setting violence standards since the end of WWII. And yes, in the 1790's violence standards were set by the "paragon" Europe. Is this pattern paradoxical, or a rule?
I know that he was a great man, but it just shows the navel gazing of the USA. How many did Mao kill during the 50s and 60s?

Evil can evolve together with good progress. If the most powerful cannot control their basic impulses, what do you have to expect from less favoured?
And you do realize that there were other powerful nations then as well as now. I would say our basic impulses actually is isolationism.

As for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Polpot... If Saddam Hussein was in the same league, what to say about current Iraqi chaos? Where to rank Saudi, Turkmenistani, Zimbabwe, Somali regimes? Eradicating worst dictators is not exactly a priority of the US.
That seems good that our present day killers have less ability to destroy more lives. And I can agree that we do not necessarily judge our actions only by who is worse. Of course I wouldn't mind that Mugabe was removed by any means necessary.

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