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So far we have Cuba and Philippines, so not hardly half the world.

The Western Hemisphere is half of the world. The Philippines is even beyond that, you are mixing up subjects. If you don't know of any US interventions in Latin America preceding the Spanish-American War (and only know the two top flashpoints of the latter), do your own homework and read up on Wikipedia.

excuse for poor governance

Even poor governance can be a consequence of structures and power circles left behind(/supported from the outside). But whether or not, it doesn't matter for the subject at discussion.

You are right we would probably not been able to be the policeman of the world, but isolationism is something that did not help the world or the US either.

OK. But if we play alt.history.what-if, I note that potential alternatives to the US isolationism that actually happened include both ones that would have been better and ones that would have been worse for the world. On less key points, I note that had Roosevelt not ended US isolationism by starting to harrass Japanese imperialist expansion, US isolation might have been just as good for the USA but worse for the rest of the world; while a truly liberal interventionist policy would have had little opportunities in the early thirties due to the Great Depression.

Yes, I read the hate grandpa Bush's sites.

Then you haven't read enough, because it's not just about that one war profiteer. Start with this and this.

Yes and no, we had interest in these countries for economic resources, but we were not colonizers of the nations in question.

Not de jure, but de facto, very much so. I was not sure which African genocides you referred to, but many of those happened after 'decolonisation', when European post-imperial powers and the USA (and the Soviet Union) acted in a similar manner as the USA in the Carribean and Mesoamerica.

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