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Thanks for your honest discussion about these issues.

Japanese did not have to be taught violence. But wrong impulses were awaken or assisted.
And what happened after WWII? If we awakened violence in our opening trade, what did the USA do to pacify and create a liberal democracy? So is the world better or worse for creating a peaceful productive nation internally as well as externally?

Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Co touched the high scale standard most emphatically. There is much correlation between them, but little causual influence. Their "unsound methods" have common roots in ancient militant and conspiracy habits. Killing 10-30% of population to achieve your pitty goal was not unheard in history - but that percentage meant millions in the 20th century.
Yes, some good points. Although I would say it derives from Marxist/Communist ideas. I do want to ask about causual? Do you mean casual or causal?

What US did in the Middle East the last 50 years is far from isolationism. It is more like thoughtless interventionism of imperialist "tradition" - you go there whenever you "need". It is no shocking proposition that current American problems in the Middle East are largely of its own prior making. Violence has plenty of unintended consequences, even if obvious.
True, enough that the USA are not isolationist in the last 50 years. I don't agree that it is American problems though. Not any more than the French, Russians, and Chinese. The USA is just the easiest target as the Great Satan.

The bright side of my point is this: when you are most powerful, you are actually most able to act morally as you wish, even most able to compel others to act ethically. If you the strongest cannot be as good as you want, who can?
Do not forget that the USA is not omnipotent or a godlike power. Is it as much as the USA wishes or the rest of the worlds standards?

And how do you rectify asymmetrical wars? Like a caribou that is bitten by Mosquitoes. What can it do?

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