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I asked a question up thread about what the conservative financial press wanted France to do.

I think I've found the answer. (Jerome's reply about ideology is only part of it.)

I'm going to coin another aphorism. In place of "all politics is local", I propose "all opinions are local".

It seems that every time a pundit speaks it is their own self interest that they are really supporting. The conservative press is generally comprised of the elite. Thomas Friedman is married to an heiress as is neo-con former owner of the "New Republic" Martin Peretz, the "National Review" was started by wealthy preppy William Buckley, etc.

Those that are not themselves wealthy usually are paid by wealthy interests. This include most of the journalists in the conservative media as well as all those at "think tanks".

I've found a recent study by two Canadian economists which relates the degree of taxation with the level of well being of the society. Those countries with the highest tax collections as a percentage of GDP are also those with the best social conditions. The one at the bottom in both cases - the US.

Now when we look at the tax rate we see the following:
A country like the US has a tax revenue as a percent of GDP of 28%.
Some other countries:
Spain 33.0
United Kingdom 35.5
Germany 36.5
France 43.4
Sweden 50.5

So what the right wing financial press wants is to lower their own taxes. It's all about self interest...

Here's the link to the study, lots of eye opening charts, but I don't know how to extract them, so I'll leave that to more proficient hands.

Benefits and Costs of Taxation (PDF)

Policies not Politics
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by rdf (robert.feinman@gmail.com) on Mon Apr 16th, 2007 at 09:56:33 AM EST

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