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Sego seems all over the place, with no real focus.  
Everybody gets his or her wish in Royal's platform, and the only subject left hanging is how to pay for it all. (One page of her "hundred points" that I picked at random included: raising the monthly minimum wage to fifteen hundred euros, which means a little more than two thousand dollars; raising the lowest retirement benefits by five per cent; raising benefits for the handicapped by five per cent; doubling the annual subsidy for schoolchildren; reducing bank charges; and guaranteeing housing for life.) Campaigning, she can sound like a social democrat one day and a socialist out of the nineteen-thirties the next. Sometimes she loves immigrants, sometimes she loves the police more. Sometimes she wants to pay businesses to provide job training for the unemployable, sometimes she wants to raise their taxes. Last month, the Party's chief economic adviser, Eric Besson, got so frustrated by her shifting stands that he quit both his job and the Party. She is "heavily incompetent," he said. "I wouldn't wish it on my country."
How can anyone really expect to get anything done if they present a program of 100 points?
by wchurchill on Mon Apr 16th, 2007 at 08:48:49 PM EST

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