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Germans Bank on "Treaty" to Replace Doomed EU Constitution | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 24.04.2007
By calling it a "treaty," the current German EU presidency has begun reviving the stalled approval process for a new constitution for the union. But not everyone is happy about the strategy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German officials are currently in talks with representatives from the bloc's other 26 members to try and hammer out an agreement before the German presidency ends at the end of June.

By leaving the word "constitution" out of the discussion, Merkel hopes to get her colleagues to agree on a document that lacks the grave connotations and still manages to give the EU an improved voting system based largely on population size, a president and a foreign minister -- even though they might not be called that.

Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift:  Merkel has been discussing the idea with euroskeptics such as Klaus
"I consider it likely that symbolic elements like the words 'constitution' or 'constitutional' or the title 'foreign minister' will not be in the new treaty," Czech negotiator Jan Zahradil told Reuters news service after Merkel met Czech President Vaclav Klaus, a euroskeptic, last week.

"Maybe the position will be there without the title of minister," he added.

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