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A 20 year career at a global Illuminati company in an R&D capacity as an engineer.  We have consistently maintained a diverse group who's contributions drive real innovation.  Our boss is top notch, we could ask for nothing better.  I love my job.  I'm thankful to have worked there and my skills gained in real science keep me grounded and sane in today's world.

The bad parts.  Well, how about the deliberate destruction of it all.  By this I mean the latest round of American business practices each designed to "enhance productivity" but in reality end up turning out to be deviously, and I mean devious to the point of being Satanically inspired, outright destructive. Our innovation increasingly stifled by galactically retarded business pablum.

Fun.  Nature, animals, most recently horses and camping deep in the backwoods.  We get so absorbed by modern technology we loose that connection to the earth.  Pieces of hardware come and go yet these are not the moments I will remember.
Watching two bull moose lock horns in the woods with my second daughter.   They fought for about twenty minutes and we forgot the videocamera.
Swimming on a hot summer night in a rushing mountain stream.  Spending the afternoon with the horses and getting him into a nice trot, canter and realizing my riding skills and bond with an animal growing.  At night, a  cookout with the family and my new seven month old grandson.

Why political boards?  I see far to many parasites in the world, eager to exploit others using "information" in this "information age" in evil destructive ways.  If I can shed some light on this, influence even a few people that might be another day the Biblical Apocalypse gets put off.

by Lasthorseman on Fri Apr 20th, 2007 at 10:03:45 PM EST

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