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In the spirit of your research project:

*    What is your work?

I train people how to use the computerised administration system in an NHS trust (= hospitals plus some extras.)  This has a basic cycle of: Here come(s) the new bit(s); We learn the new bit(s); We show (some of the staff) how to use the new bit(s).  Due to staff turnover there are also the old bits to teach to the new staff.  Training sessions typically last about three hours, I do two a day, though at the moment we are running special one hour sessions for a new bit, and because everyone needs to know quickly we're pushing through five of those a day.

*    Do you look forward to going to work each day?

No, but I don't mind going.  Preferably, I wouldn't do a job which involves me having to turn up every day, but see below.

*    Or, are there certain aspects of your work that you love, but there are other aspects of work that aren't so fun and impact in a negative way the work you like?

The fun part of my job is training the staff.  We have a laugh, we break the bits down into manageable chunks so it's rare (very very rare) for someone to finish training and not to have "got it", so we have a laugh and they learn something, and I get to meet them all.  Because of the modular nature (learning all the bits), I often see the same people over a period of time--in 3 hour bursts.  A sober pub with regulars and many newcomers...that kinda thing.

*    Do you wish you could do more of what you like?

Weeell, I could do more of what I like right now.  It's more about energy levels--I'd like to have more bounce and curve in my energies.  I tend to intensity and enthusiasm, peaks of activity followed by valleys...and often different peaks...'tis hard to find a rhythm that balances...but it is something I'm working on.

*    What are the main stresses of your work?

Crap managers.

*    Are you feeling burned out by work? (And if so, why do you think?)

Nope.  I work a three-day week.  However, this makes me take less holidays (I get four days off a week!) and over the months this builds up (it can sneak up because it's slow moving.)

*    Do you feel fortunate that you have the job or career that you do?

I'd say that I am happy (enough) (for now--we're about halfway through the kids' cycle, our daughter is nine, and work "steadiness" is an asset, at least for me, during this period because it means work doesn't dominate)...so I'm happy, for now, doing what I do for money for three days a week.

*    How are your relations with peers, or with bosses, or employees?

Peers--good to great.  Direct manager--great.  Employees (my trainees): great.

*    What do you like to do for fun?

Music, cook, go dahn the pub, walk in the hills, along the beach, read (the internet has taken the place of books.)  As I said, I'm an enthusiast and so I often get crushes on things.  Sometimes they last, sometimes they don't.  Right now Gaianne has me working out the night sky.  Migeru put me onto Go.  These two will, I think, be staying with me.  Oh, and just living in the (recently enlarged) flat is fun in that I just mostly enjoy being home (as opposed to going to work.)

*    Is the fun/play part of your life also your paid job?

I try and place as much fun/play into my paid job as I can, given that the raw materials (bits of a computerised administration system) are not intriniscally fun or playful.

*    Is this involvement really your ,,life work", and you just do your paid work to support this?

I only do my paid work to support my non-paid activities.  If I could do them (this would include eating, drinking, going dahn the pub, going walking etc...living in the flat...)...if I could do them without working, I would leave my job and ponder new directions.

*    How much time do you get to spend doing your play/fun part?

I work for about six hours a day, but have to be at work about eight hours, and that's from Monday to Wednesday.  The rest, I try and make as fun and playful as I can.

There you go!

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