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Ok, another freelancer translator experience, not so diffferent than yours, dvx.

·    What is your work?

·    I'm a literary translator, from English to Spanish. I translate mainly fiction, but I've also translated some essays.  Most important authors I've translated are: Nadine Gordimer, William Somerset Maugham, James Ellroy, Edward Rutherfurd.
*    Do you look forward to going to work each day?
·    I don't need to go anywhere. I work from home. I've started 22 years ago with an Olivetti typewriter, so now, with computers, word processors and Internet, I feel like I've been working in two different ages.  And this new age is kind a happy one for my work. I think it is something I envisioned in the eighties when I decided to become a translator, that someday in the near future I could work from everywhere I wanted, and I've already done so, combining long travels while translating with my laptop. Like this I've got to see California and live there for a couple of months while translating James Ellroy or renting a room to translate in an out of season Goa and then keep the laptop safe somewhere and start moving around Rajasthan or the Himalayas. So, even if I don't look forward to starting to translate each day, it comes easy enough after I've checked the news, email, ET, and so on ;-)

    Or, are there certain aspects of your work that you love, but there are other aspects of work that aren't so fun and impact in a negative way the work you like?

·    I love many aspects of my work: the freedom of movements it gives me,  the self -discipline I've had to develop as it is very useful in all other areas of life,  the creativity angle...

·    There are few aspects that aren't fun at all, and sometimes I forget them, bu there is a very recent experience so I think I will vent about it. I've just discover that on the back cover of a book I've devoted 36 hours/ week during 12 weeks (about 300.000 words), someone at the publisher house has made a very ugly and big orthographical mistake just in the last sentence of all.  I'm sure that many people who is deciding if they want to buy the book will be put off by that error. If there is something like this on the back cover, they will not trust in the quality of what they will find inside.

*    Do you wish you could do more of what you like?
I think I've got a good balance.

*    What are the main stresses of your work?
The deadlines, especially when something out of your control happens in the last days. I mean if it happens at the beginning, you always have time to catch up.
  Do you feel fortunate that you have the job or career that you do?
*    How are your relations with peers, or with bosses, or employees?
My relation with colleagues is through my professional association mailing list and I meet the ones from Barcelona for dinner 3-4 times a year. They are really nice people and the relation and the flow of information are great. I've have no bosses no employees, only clients. 95% are based in Barcelona, so I meet with them and comment every time I start/finish a book.

What do you like to do for fun?
 Going out with friends, photography, cooking, movies, travelling, swimming...  

by amanda2006 on Sat Apr 21st, 2007 at 09:34:05 AM EST
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