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I recommend:

  1. Enjoying your cash!  (Issa pisser not earning a decent wage, so enjoy!)

  2. Fuggedabout careers.

  3. Confirm to yourself that teaching english to japanese kids is a worthwhile activity (sounds worthwhile to me.)

  4. Go back to 3) and think.  Ah!

  5. Whatever you enjoy doing (outside of paid employment): do it sideways for a month or two, or slantwise...any direction that doesn't have an obvious up/down movement.

Related to 5)....(and this is just for me):

Ponder the following:

a) the world spins on its axis in an easterly direction:

b) this means that if, at night, you stood on top of the north (or south) pole and looked east you would see the stars running (okay, moving slowly) from left to right across your line of vision (though the stars aren't moving: it is you who is moving anticlockwise and so the starts appear to move as you spin past them.)


c) if you then rushed to the equator (a 90 degree shift)--and looked east, the stars (some the same, some different) would now be rising up from the horizon in front of you, going over your head and down behind your back.


During the day the sun wouldn't follow either of these paths because the earth, relative to the sun is not standing straight up down but is tilted by 23.45%.


Unless you stand at the north pole or the equator, the stars won't go straight across or straight over your head, no, they will describe arcs because we are all on a large ball and few of us live around the middle or on the top or bottom, so we all live on a curve and the stars--and the sun, and the moon--describe arcs across our vision as we go....down...and round...

ach!  Blows my mind, Zwackus!  I need a way to visualise the FOUR  (!!!!) movements:

--mine (I'm heading east at all times--if I put a steering wheel on an east facing wall then grabbed it, I could imagine I was driving this ball...forward and...over the horizon...and down...as if I were endlessly going over the top of a big dipper...)

--the stars (they're doing some funky curve up from somewhere in the east and then off and to the left-ish, relative to me on my curvy ball, though they're not actually moving: I am driving my ball "past" them, though really I never get anywhere, I'm just going round in circles!

--the moon is also going round the planet AT AN ANGLE (of 5 degrees, I think), so it comes up from the east (I'm driving towards it) but on different days it comes up slightly different places...AND 50 MINUTES LATER EACH TIME! because it, too, is moving...around the planet in the same direction we're going...only we're going faster, but in circles so we keep seeing it but each time it's got a bit further round its track.

--the sun...we're going round the sun, but it looks as though the sun appears in the east (coz we're driving our ball round and soon enough we see the sun), only at a different place each morning (just a bit, but noticeable--a bit less than 1 degree a day so that after a year we are back where we started--we've done one cicrle--one orbit!  And a bit more!  Madness!)...and then it arcs up and out into the sky because we in the northern hemisphere are currently tilted 23.45 degrees towards the sun...

It's a madness.  Once I understand it:

No one will pay me any more money
My job will not have changed at all
The world will still be the way it is

...but maybe, just maybe in twenty two years' time I will say, "You know, if I hadn't struggled through to understand that, I wouldn't have met Zwackus, who wouldn't have given me the model, which means I wouldn't have thanked him by sending him that eighteenth century japanese print, which he then wouldn't have taken to his japanese friend, who then wouldn't instantly have offered him a superbly paying job working in a fine arts studio in Japan, where he wouldn't have met Miko, and then...

...but alas and alack.  I still can't get a visual picture of all those movements in my head, though I am on the verge, on the cusp of understanding that all those moving balls out there are...are...well, they're all moving, but the ball moving fastest is the one I'm sitting on, typing this to you!


Which no makea de sense--!  I type it to makea you smile!

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Mon Apr 23rd, 2007 at 07:56:03 AM EST
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And that it did.  Thanks!
by Zwackus on Tue Apr 24th, 2007 at 06:44:06 AM EST
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