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What must Royal say in the debates which would give hope to the French people but at the same time; differentiate herself greatly from Sarko? My fear is her trying to triangulate gives credence to Sarko's position.

Clinton's triangulation gave the US Bush and Blair's triangulation will possibly give the UK,Cameron so triangulation allows the right wignuts like Sarko to be chameleon-like since the opposition is also.

Differentiate herself from him in the debate; define in a calm, focused way what will be destroyed by Sarko if he is elected seems to be her only move now and hope women will want to vote en masse since it is the women's time to be President. After all, the men have had too many chances, unfulfilled promises and outsized egoes to do any good.

by An American in London on Tue Apr 24th, 2007 at 12:34:11 PM EST
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