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Ratify the CFE Now! by soj on Jun 25th, 2005

Although the 1999 Adapted CFE was designed to be ratified as soon as possible, the 18 NATO states (including the United States) have refused to ratify (or attempt to ratify) the treaty because of violations of the Final Act.  In essence, the 30 countries have acted like the 1999 Adapted CFE is a valid treaty, in terms of limiting the number of TLE in the various zones and areas, but the treaty has never actually been validated.  Therefore, at this time, any country could begin a build-up of conventional forces.

Reuters: Germany's Schroeder slams U.S. missile shield plans (European Salon, 2007/2/26)
and also, Financial Times: Nato chief warns of split over US missiles

Deutsche Welle: US Battles to Ease Russian Fears Over Missile Shield (European Salon, 2007/3/25)

I can't find the Salon entries on the recent climbdown by the EU and the NATO summit.

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