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Sheesh, the European Commission's Country Profile for Estonia prior to EU accession has only this to say about the Russian minority:
Population: 1.36 million (2002), 80% citizens of Estonia, 7% citizens of other countries and 13% stateless.
Looking at the final progress report I realise that there doesn't seem to be any specific area of the EU Acquis where this issue fits. This is where a Bill of Rights would help.

Thre is, however, a couple of items from 2000 regarding language laws.

European Commission: Commission welcomes adoption of new Language law in Estonia (16/06/2000)

The Commission welcomes the new Language Law which was adopted yesterday by the Estonian Parliament. It notes with satisfaction that Estonia has thus followed its recommendations made in the Regular Report and Accession Partnership of October 1999 and worked towards compliance of the text with both international standards and the Europe Agreement.

"I warmly welcome this decision" said European Commissioner for Enlargement Günter Verheugen. "The result of today represents an important step towards striking the right balance between the legitimate objective of promoting and protecting the Estonian language with full respect of the international standards on minorities and compliance with Estonia's obligation under the Europe Agreement. This decision constitutes an additional step in Estonia's efforts to create a modern, democratic and inclusive society. The rapid consensus found in the Estonian Parliament is a clear indicator that there is a strong majority in favour of this objective".

The Commission is very confident that Estonia will also continue to strive towards reaching full compatibility with international standards and the Europe Agreement in the implementation of the law.

European Commission: Statement by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on The Estonian Language Law and the State Integration Programme (13/09/2000)

Statement by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on The Estonian Language Law and the State Integration Programme

The European Union welcomes the Estonian Parliament's adoption on 14 June of amendments to the Language Law. The Union notes with satisfaction that EU recommendations have been taken into account, thus bringing the law largely in conformity with the Europe Agreement. The Union supports the statement on the language law by the High Commissioner for National Minorities, Mr. Max Van Der Stoel in which he concludes that the law now largely complies with international standards. The Union trusts that the proper implementation of the law will be ensured.

At the same time the European Union acknowledges the Estonian government decision to adopt in March 2000 the State Integration Programme for the years 2000-2007. The State Integration Programme, complemented with a proper implementation plan, offers substantial scope for strengthening the process within Estonian society towards the integration of the non-Estonian speaking minority.

The Union considers these steps taken by Estonia as most encouraging signs of positive development in the integration process and will continue to work in close cooperation with the Estonian authorities to support this objective.

WTF is the "Europe Agreement"?

Europa Glossary: Europe agreement

A Europe agreement is a specific type of association agreement between the European Union and the Central and Eastern European countries that subsequently became EU candidate countries. The Europe agreement is based on respect for human rights, democracy, the rule of law and the market economy.

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