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oops I called her "him". Bof you never now, with Ann Coulter types...

Regarding Royal, I found her description quite accurate. This woman is a not very bright power hungry marketing product. She cannot be a solution for progressives, it blows my mind that modern progressives can support her. There is a very interesting article in Le Monde about the perception big parts of the left have of her :


I prefer a delusional French lefty "moonbat" who still believes in "socialism" as it was perceived 30 years ago, than the segosphere cohorts swallowing the ENA "langue de bois" of the chabichou madonna. At least the first ones are sincere. Reading the blog of DSK, the comments on Liberation is very instructive, often they are less "tender" about Ségo than I am.

I still believe that the best option for the left is to vote Bayrou to stop Sarko. Ségo doesn't stand a chance even if she makes it to the second round.

Nidra has a point in her description of her relation to AC le Feu. She went and signed their manifest, well knowing that it could have been written by Besancenot. Some measures in it are completely unfeasible like bringing down the VAT to 5,5%. But she still signed it. And this is as dishonest than Sarkozy's signing of Hulot's ecological pact. The problem is that I expect a minimum of ethical decency from the left, not the same "magouilles" that the right uses.

Then I can be called "biased"...

by oldfrog on Wed Apr 4th, 2007 at 03:53:50 AM EST
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