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As I understand it, sampling/decision theory would work if afterwards you could block ALL imports from offenders.  So: is that happening?  If not, then they are simply saying how much they find and stop.  I was interested in what the punishments are.

The FDA has been stopping Chinese food import shipments at the rate of about 200 per month this year. Shippers have the right to appeal the detentions, after which the government can order products returned or destroyed.

Nothing there about fines, punishments, revoking of licences.  If I wished to import something, say powder cocaine, and I knew the punishment was destruction, detention (of goods), or return, I would simply flood the ports with containers full of my preferred product (I would probably use different company names, too.)  Those stopped, okay, that's my loss.  Those that get through--won't be recalled because the product is off...into the consumer chain.

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