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Another way to think of it: They search 1.3% of...shipments/containers/types of foodstuff/etc... and find notable levels of contaminated food.  Extrapolation will tell us on average how much of the other 98.7% (of whatever) is also contaminated.  That 98.7% is already out of the port and away.

I can see this as a kairos moment.  Suddenly declare:

"Our main problem now is not recreational drugs; it is drugs being introduced into the food chain.  Henceforth all resources allocated to the seizure and destruction of recreational drugs will be diverted to examining imported foodstuffs.  And, we will be changing the penal code so that importation of illegal foodstuffs (defined as...damaging to human health) will carry--for producers AND shippers--the same penalties that used to acrue to recreational drugs."


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