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actually I don't buy this theory, because it contradicts the experiences of personal friends who have cruised worldwide in small sailboats, as well as the written testimony of other more well-known sailors.  there's a strong consensus among them that the best food in third world countries -- in the absence of drought, pestilence, war, etc which create artificial scarcities -- is the wonderful local fresh produce and regional dishes from rural and small-town mom&pop groceries, open-air markets, roadside and boat-based food vendors, in other words from small family farms, local kitchens, etc.

supermarket food in such places, so my friends tell me, is mostly packaged corporate cr*p from the first world or their comprador operations overseas, being dumped on 3w populations, often outdated and always overpriced, sometimes contaminated with pesticides banned in the first world (but again dumped on the 3w).  there are occasional exceptions -- Danish and Dutch canned butter is reliably excellent anywhere in the world, they don't seem to have a double standard for dairy.  so while local elites may indeed flaunt their wealth by buying packaged junk food, that doesn't make it better food or safer or healthier...  the travelling cruisers save a lot of money and eat far better and healthier meals by "going local" and noshing like a fairly successful paisan.

how much of this food is "organic" is anyone's guess as there is no labelling, but industrial farming practices are expensive and many smallholders just grow stuff the way Grampa did.  3w water quality has been a bigger issue (healthwise) than food quality for most of the adventurous sailors I've known.  and in terms of survival and boat repair, diesel quality can be a big issue in remote locations...

organic-label food may indeed be better inspected and supervised than factory junk food in the US, but that doesn't stop the rightwing/corporate spin machine from demonising it at every oppo.  the Spinach/E.Coli scare has not died down yet;  and many organic farmers fear it will be used to legislate small salad-greens operations right out of existence.

there may yet come a day when the Enclosers realise the ir longtime programme and it becomes illegal to buy or sell -- or even to grow or eat -- any food or drink that is not controlled by the corporatocracy.  vile thought...

The difference between theory and practise in practise ...

by DeAnander (de_at_daclarke_dot_org) on Thu May 3rd, 2007 at 05:39:44 PM EST
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