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I also found age polls. The strongest trends are the very strong showing of the CDU among the 60-plus (34%, all other age groups around 20%) contrasted by a very weak showing of the Greens (just 8%, it's 20%-plus in all other age groups).

There is also the thing people surmised to explain the 25-34-year vote in France: the neolib FDP got most votes in that age group (8%, vs. 5-6% in other age groups). Meanwhile, the Left Party seems to have a clear '68er domination: 13% of the 45-59 old group, vs. 6% of older and 8-9% of younger voters. Sadly, the far-right has a clear young voter domination (6% for the youngest and 1% for the oldest), though I suspect the poll is not reliable here (older far-righters may refuse to reply or lie more often).

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by DoDo on Mon May 14th, 2007 at 05:31:25 AM EST


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