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Answering my own questions:

  1. According to the ILO statistic, from March 2006 ro March 2007, unemployment fell by 690,000, employment grew by 602,000, while population change was minimal ; the ratio of 15-64-year-olds employed grew by 1.6 percentage points (to 69.3%) -- a case for true job creation.

  2. The ratio of 'underemployed' (who work but would do so more) fell by 0.3% year-on-year, that would be a positive, but (see next link) there was also some reduction of average hours worked. Here is something on jobs, up until Q4/2006. There was growth in Q3+Q4 in agriculture and in the construction sector, still reduction in the production sector, biggest growth however was in the service sector. That does say something but not much, I should look for further data.

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