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Great news for me- I love trains as a mode of transport, and it is a great joy to ride the TGV Atlantique. As it approaches it's maximum legal speed on the run to Irun,-- around 380 KPH-- it begins to "get light"- to dance just a bit. Almost flying. Great feeling if you are not too faint of heart.
I used to fly the family Cessna Turbo 210 along the TGV tracks from Toussous-le-noble to Dijon. The train would appear from underneath the rear of the aircraft, and just steam off into the distance---ahead. Our cruise was about 210 Knots- 350 KPH.

   Train travel for the handicapped is a serious and selfish issue for me- and the TGV is a quantum leap forwards from all other French trains in that respect, for many reasons, but best of all because the cars have a place for me. Though the stations usually have good lift equipment, it is still hard to find someone to operate it. Hope the German train and the German system will do as well --or better. If they can put an onboard ramp on a bus, a train ramp surely cannot be too difficult.

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by geezer in Paris (risico at wanadoo(flypoop)fr) on Sat May 26th, 2007 at 08:26:40 AM EST

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