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Metz, from where both branches (to Stuttgart and Stuttgart) use only upgraded lines (and some are a few months late in the Frankfurt direction).

to Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

I collected some current data on the border-crossing lines.

Due to still unfinished works on the Frankfurt leg (renovation of Saarbrücken station and the line until Kaiserslautern), Paris-Frankfurt will start at 4h11m, cut to 3h49m at the end of the year. Top speed is generally 160km/h until the Rhine valley, even just 80-120 km/h across mountains. It will be raised to 200 km/h on two thirds of the line only after further works and testing of new signalling, plan is 2008, I place my bet on 2010. This will bring only a few minutes, the Mannheim-Frankfurt line will bring more -- as things now look, in 2017...

The Rhine bridge at Strasbourg and the connecting line of Germany's Right-bank Rhine Valley Line is only for 160 km/h and single-track, a new bridge and 200 km/h will be built probably 2008-10.

The second leg of the LGV Est Européenne proper high-speed line is now slated for 2014, with preliminary works already begun. But I wonder how much the French construction companies will take with a 4-km tunnel under the Vosges.

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