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Well, yes and no. You're right--280 was what I meant to write, but turns out that is actually too slow.
I checked my logs, and though they contain nothing to show our actual ground speed at the exact time we went to Dijon, I found the date and flight plan, and we were probably cruise climbing to an assigned altitude, so our speed was less-- yes. About 160 knots, I would guess- or 270 kph or so. And good old wikipedia and some phone calls show the run was certified to 300 KPH at the time. Do the trains actually run that fast on revenue runs? My friend says sometimes yes. Depending on traffic, and on temperature, and on arcane stuff beyond my ken, to do with catenary sag and temperature. If that's true--then the train would easily outrun us. Which it did. More than once. I asked him if they ever pushed it. He slithered around the answer. However,

My son (who was about 13 at the time) and I used to pass the time on the Atlantique run to Spain- Irun- timing the kilometer markers, and waiting for the dance. We found we could tell the speed of the train quite well by the motion. 12 seconds per kilometer was 300 kilometers per hour. We knew we were really rolling when it would start to snake, and get down to 10--which it did, occasionally, no matter what they say.
What was the Chuck Berry lyric?

Good lord, I see spots!
The lines in the road--they just look like dots!


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