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I should write a diary about the upheaval around the G8, but just can't find the power in the heat here. Maybe someone in Germany could do it?

What I find interesting in short points:

  • there is 13 km of razor wire around the meetingplace
  • police continued pursuing leftists
  • in the end courts forced through that protests can take place 200 m from the meeting-place
  • Merkel, the SPD boss and even interior minister Schäuble were forced to make public announcements, in which they 'greeted' demonstrators (as showing interest in the questions discussed at the summit) but warned against violence
  • there is no public info at any planned violence
  • meanwhile, one SPD leader(!) called the protest bans unconstitutional
  • Apparently as a consequence of this ruckus, Attac Germany gained another very prominent member -- Heiner Geißler, a former CDU top secretary! (And not a man ever accused of leftist leanings.)
  • Even private media discussed a material by Attac that analysed corporate tax reform plans (set up by SPD minister Steinbrück...) as corporate welfare only hurting small business.

Meanwhile the Sudeten German question was again thematised by Hessen state's (far-)right-populist CDU PM Koch and Bavaria's Stoiber, which may be subject for another diary...

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