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But... I think what hasn't sunk in over at dKos yet, and is still sinking in over here, is the fact that of course Bush lied about Iraq. The run-up was based completely on lies and spin. There was never anything else happening.

We've had the stories from inspectors, we've had the Downing Street memo, we've had Powell's nearly-but-not-quite mea culpa, and we've had the generals resigning en masse. And what's left now isn't so much the feeling of 'Well, that was a bad idea' but more that battered spouse moment of 'I can't believe someone I know just did that...'

The full horror of Iraq hasn't sunk in, because the depths of the horror haven't become obvious yet. And while we're focussed over there, it's easier to deny what's been happening over here.

The dead, the tortured, the maimed, the homeless, and the disturbed are bad enough. But here in The WestTM we're still struggling with the fact that our leaders have been revealed as Stone Age barbarian pig fuckers - who are not just willing to start the war, and willing to lie about it and continue it, but willing to pretend that there's a moral justification for winding up the ethical violence machine which is desperately trying to burn out the humanity of everyone it comes into contact with.

What's most disturbing of all is that we're starting to pick up traces of the same evil in our own morality. Surely we should be able to do more to stop them. Surely more people should care than actually seem to. And surely the ghouls who make the most noise in support of the horror should have been put away somewhere soft and quiet, and shouldn't be out on the streets after however many hundred years it is of Enlightenment values.

In theory we don't do war any more, except for what we like to think of as occasional humanitarian reasons. In practice there's Bush the Pig Fucker, winding up the meat grinder and opening it wide so that the troops, the Iraqis, and anyone else who gets in the way can be minced into an oozing and nasty but very profitable pulp that ends up on the table of the ruling have-mores. The gap is literally shocking, and we're still trying to come to terms with the grief.

But this is where we are in 2007. The only good news is that ten years ago things looked so much more promising. If so much has changed in so short a time, there's still hope it could change again in the other direction at least as quickly.

Somehow, the genie needs to be put into the bottle. And while this diary is an excellent piece of journalism, I think the answer now isn't pointing out that liars lie - because Bush, far more than any other politician in history, lies as easily as he breathes.

It's more about getting wider understanding of the nature of that squatting, oozing monster that's sitting in the White House, and understanding that to him, everyone who doesn't have leverage is a potential mark, and a potential victim. So that the desire for a bit of a change, for Obama or Hillary, is replaced with something a little more stern and basic - such as a push for a return to real values, and not the shrink-wrapped easy-heat con-artistry with a side order of violent physical abuse that's currently so in vogue.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Sun Jun 3rd, 2007 at 08:45:46 PM EST

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