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Actually, what's really forbidden is one company selling the work of its employees to another - and even then, only for long timescale.

in the U.S., i have worked as a self-employed independent contractor (software developer), at times under all five of these conditions simultaneously (except perhaps the last, and even then it depends on how you define temps passé):

  •  le personnel sous-traité travaille pour un seul client depuis plusieurs années ;
  • le personnel sous-traité reçoit ses instructions de l'encadrement du client ; le client contrôle lui-même le suivi, définit les tâches et les lieux d'exécution ;
  • le personnel exécute la totalité de sa mission dans les locaux du client, et est soumis à des horaires identiques à ceux du personnel du client ;
  • le client fournit les matériaux, les pièces de rechange, met à disposition son outillage, ses véhicules, des locaux lui appartenant, ses documents, etc.
  • la rémunération du sous-traitant était calculée au temps passé par son personnel.

Are you saying that this in fact is perfectly legal despite what the Wikipedia entry says?

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by marco on Tue May 8th, 2007 at 04:34:27 PM EST
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Yep, unless it lasts for a really long time (above three years). My current mission has lasted for one and a half year, under all those conditions, and not as "self-employed" but with labor sold by my employer to the large bank.

I'm not saying that it is perfectly, 100% legal, but that to that point it's a situation that is accepted by the prud'hommes. (and it's not the only way to provide flexibility for the employer : CDD, interim (temp jobs), and partial employment with lot of overtime (think 10 hours weekly contract, with overtime when needed) are other forms of flexibility.

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